All-Star Game Pitching


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Do you think that we should get to vote for the pitchers in the ASG? I think we should. I'm wondering this because this year, Charlie Manuel (Phillies manager) is the NL manager and I don't want K-Rod or Santana getting snubbed because of a bias.


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I don't think so, I think it should be awarded to the pitcher who is pitching the best at the time.

I think if fans vote, then it can be a bias selection as well, if a pitcher gets enough votes.

If the All Star game started tommorow, I believe Grienke and Santana should be the starters. But a lot can change till the all star game which is next month.


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I never understood why the fans pick the position players but they dont pick the starting pitchers...what's the difference? Someone please explain that to me. I guess the problem becomes that the fans wont get the starter right but if that's the case then dont let them vote at all because most of the time they dont get the position players right either!

And I dont think you have to worry about bias with Charlie Manuel. He's not the type of guy to snub someone becuase they play for the Mets.