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ALL Democrats up for re-election support ObamaCare delay


Heavy Weapons Guy
If this is true after what just happened after the "negotiations" that we're ignored in Washington, I think I will be sick. Hypocritical scumbags. How do people actually vote for these guys?


Well-Known Member
If this is true then wouldn't this mean that there are enough votes to put this into effect? And honestly, where were these people during the shutdown? The Republicans were demonized for asking for a delay.

That's very interesting though. Wouldn't expect that from Dana Bash. Also wouldn't expect that from the Democrats. If this doesn't communicate that the individual mandate is terrible then I don't know what will.


Son of Liberty
That's the thing, the Republicans were called terrorists for wanting this exact same thing. They're doing this because they know the public in general don't like how it's been presented so far and instead of sticking on principle, and defending why they voted for this Act, they care more about getting reelected. They should have been for this since the beginning.


not a plastic bag
A mod asked me to expand my post. How about - Get used to saying President Cruz. :lol::lol:
There's nothing really to say. I am stunned by the hypocrisy. I've never seen anything like this. I tell liberals this all the time: I think you're intelligent, the Democrat Party thinks you're a moron. What more proof do you need?