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Hell, It's about time!
I think it would be safe to say this is an international forum. We have a diverse mix of people from all over the globe. It's good to interact with people from other cultures and nations. These videos posted below are of a guy who decided to make a trip around the world and dance in various locations. I think it's really neat that he has been around so much, and made the choice to do something interesting with his life. My dad was in the USAF for 22 years and I've been around quite a bit myself, but not as much as this guy. I think it's a pretty cool world we have :) Enjoy the videos.

YouTube - Matt Harding Dance

YouTube - Where the Hell is Matt?

This is his website for more info Where The Hell Is Matt?
I've seen these before. One of the many great things about the internet. The ability to find randomness and the ability to share it! So much culture and beauty out there. Looks like he's had a lot of fun. Seeing Tokyo made me wet my pants a little bit.

If I visit even half the places that guy has, I'll die a happy man.


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He is one lucky son of a b........damn I wish that was me.

I saw this on the NASA site a few days ago, it was referring to the unity of dance and happiness.
APOD: 2008 July 22 - Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth

The wherethehellismatt website is cool as well

It is the last video in your list I like, especially the final few minutes (I have a big smile:D every time I see the PNG @ 2:13 and India @ 2:38)
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