All aboard!

...So I came across this ad a couple of months back..

..and, after checking that it wasn't an ingenious prank, it sort of embedded itself into whatever I was writing on my blog at the time. Since I needed something lough out loud funny to offset the usual soul- crushing melodrama. Nevertheless.. I had to wonder what exactly would go on on a cruise like this. And what sort of people could possibly look at this ad, go "ping" like tipped martini- glass, and then click on the ad. And - then actually pay(!) a small fortune to hear these people speak in the same room.

Well, I wonder no longer. Apparently there are more people in the world with morbid enough fascination for conservative elites that they would contemplate actually going themselves, and who does have a small fortune to throw away. And - the perseverence to return to tell the tale, in human language.

*cheers to first class stunt- journalism*

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From time to time, National Review--the bible of American conservatism--organizes a cruise for its readers. Last November, I paid $1,200 to join them. The rules I imposed on myself were simple: If any of the conservative cruisers asked who I was, I answered honestly, telling them I was a journalist. But, mostly, I just tried to blend in--and find out what conservatives say when they think the rest of us aren't listening.


To my left, I find a middle-aged Floridian with a neat beard. To my right are two elderly New Yorkers who look and sound like late-era Dorothy Parker, minus the alcohol poisoning. They live on Park Avenue, they explain in precise Northern tones. "You must live near the U.N. building," the Floridian says to one of the ladies after the entrée is served. Yes, she responds, shaking her head wearily. "They should suicide-bomb that place," he says. They all chuckle gently.

The conversation ebbs back to friendly chit-chat. So, you're a European, one of the Park Avenue ladies says, before offering witty commentaries on the cities she's visited. Her companion adds, "I went to Paris, and it was so lovely." Her face darkens: "But then you think--it's surrounded by Muslims." The first lady nods: "They're out there, and they're coming." Emboldened, the bearded Floridian wags a finger and says, "Down the line, we're not going to bail out the French again." He mimes picking up a phone and shouts into it, "I can't hear you, Jacques! What's that? The Muslims are doing what to you? I can't hear you!"