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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by fleinn, Jun 28, 2007.

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    ...So I came across this ad a couple of months back..


    ..and, after checking that it wasn't an ingenious prank, it sort of embedded itself into whatever I was writing on my blog at the time. Since I needed something lough out loud funny to offset the usual soul- crushing melodrama. Nevertheless.. I had to wonder what exactly would go on on a cruise like this. And what sort of people could possibly look at this ad, go "ping" like tipped martini- glass, and then click on the ad. And - then actually pay(!) a small fortune to hear these people speak in the same room.

    Well, I wonder no longer. Apparently there are more people in the world with morbid enough fascination for conservative elites that they would contemplate actually going themselves, and who does have a small fortune to throw away. And - the perseverence to return to tell the tale, in human language.

    *cheers to first class stunt- journalism*

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