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Alien Abductions

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I agree with him completely. They're out there, but they haven't come here, and they aren't abducting people. It's statistically improbable (read: impossible) for there to not be aliens out there, but it's equally improbable for them to be at the same or even similar level of evolution to us. Any species advanced enough to feasibly travel through space is far far more advanced than our own and given that nothing can move faster than the speed of light it would take even them hundreds if not hundreds of thousands or even millions of years to reach us. If they came here, they probably wouldn't even notice us, we'd be like ants compared to them. The idea that people get abducted by these grey aliens is absolutely ridiculous, especially with what the above article says about the type of people who are "abducted."

But I know not everybody feels this way.


i believe there is SOMETHING out there but i dont think there are any abductions...
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