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Alfa Romeos


For a Free Scotland
Do you like them? Own one, know one who does?

I like em, I'm thinking of getting a 164 or a GTV once my CD matures. Very beautiful, reliability scares me though.


Do What Thou Wilt
Alfas are just lovely cars. And yes, you should be concerned for reliability. I do know a friend whose dad owns a couple, I can't remember the model right now but they are early 90s 2.0 Turbo roadsters. Beautiful cars. The poor things never leave the garage though. Makes me sad at heart.


New Member
Hi.....my first post, so hello too....:)

I have had a few, but mainly older ones since that's what I do for a living. I do have a 145 1.8TS and a 147 1.6TS but most of my Alfas were of the 70's 80's vintage. Newer cars suffer from cambelt issues (and variators) and electrical problems such as MAF/stepper motor/Throttle body issues, but if maintained well and the belts changed at the recomended 32000 mile intervals instead of the original 72000 factory guideline, they car be a lot of car for the money.


Registered Member
Alfa's are my wife's favourite car.

They are fairly common here and we have owned 4 of them.

a 155, a 33, a 145 and a 156

There are 3 people on our street who own them