Alex vs Omega Battle!


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There is no need for that title.

Made two new sigs. I am just a bored fuck atm


C&C Please.

Edit: 1700th post. :D :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
You do realized if we did have a graphical battle. I would whip the floor with you, then mop you up and do it all over again.


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I like this one, but that white outline looks like you tried to copy past it into the programeand you just cut it our of that white bg it comes in. This is great because of two things:

1. It's Riku(Plus it's the renders I got --; )
2. The purple satin bg is like....awesome!*dances*

Even though your not that good yet, like me, your still getting very nice idea's for sigs. So I DEMAND that you use this one plz! You should wear your sigs like this with pride instead of those ppl sigs that don't look at all too hot >.>

I'm srry but I hate those player sigs you keep sporting, they all look too bleh >.<

Aw come on Omega, if the sigs have to be sipmplicity but have to have appeal I think Alex would have a nice 20% chance of beating you if he tried. That percent is still kinda low but still...have faith!^^


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Sport is my life lol.

I guess, that I should put the Riku sig up. There, done.

Looks good.

Not my best, but meh

*My Last post of the night, before I head to the TV and watch Borat...again*


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I like sigs that have something over it.

I don't like the plain ones, with a bckround, picture and text...Only in the sport sigs
Keep whatever sig you want on, but I have to second Kyo on this one! I don't much like the circles takes away the picture's clarity and is distracting...