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***ALERT*** Child Predator


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When we moved here about 4 years ago, I looked up on the internet for people in the area that were charged sex offenders. I found one on our road. I did not know who it was from the name and wasnt sure of how the adresses on out rural road ran, but I told the children to watch out. Well the following summer we built a big country looking well type thing over our water well. One day while out in the yard a red truck that had passed alot stopped. It was an older man and he started asking about our well cover, like who made it etc. He was talking about how him and his wife wanted one. He asked if he could go look at it, it is in the back but visable from the front when passing. I said sure! So we walked to the back, and I really didnt think much of it as we walked he was making "small talk" about how we had sure fixed this place up and he was looking at the rear of the house alot. Then we walked around to the front and he was looking at the front of the house.....He asked tons of questions like when would my husband be home from work, and like doesnt he drive the white truck? Well a red flag did hit me so I told him that my husband comes home all during the day, and drives many different work vehicles. He said he wanted to come back when my husband was home to talk to him about us building him and his wife one, then he reached out his hand to shake mine......and said his name! Omg, I remembered that name! And started to remember the face ( they have pics on the sex offenders web site) I didnt think I could move But I did! I told the kids to go in the house, I told him calmly that he could come back when my husband was home. As soon as I got in the house I pulled up the sex offenders site and showed the kids and told them that was him. He had been charged with sexual asaulting a minor, went to prison, escaped twice , and had been out only a few years after finishing his time.
And you know, I think he was checking out the doors and stuff on the house, and guess what else?

He never came and talked to my husband about the well cover, and he still passes here alot and lives right down the road about a 1/2 mile!


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fairyquadmother said:
That'll give you an idea who is in your neighborhood. Just don't use it to post flyers around your neighborhood, or you're looking for a lawsuit.


Ours stinks! It says:

available through a toll free 24-hour automated information system (available in both English and Spanish) designed to provide community organizations, employers, and the general public with a means to directly access the Registry to find out whether a specific person is a registered sex offender.

And then you have to have exact name, SS number and Birthdate of the person you are asking about. Gee that narrows it down doesn't it? So guess I'll have no idea who is in my neighborhood :(


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I thought it was creepy too!