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Discuss AlcoPops


aka ginger warlock
Back in the late 90's early 00's here in the UK the market was flooded with something called AlcoPops, the idea being very sugary alcoholic drinks, they got into a little bit of trouble because it was felt that they were being marketed towards underage drinkers due to the taste of the drinks and that you couldn't taste the booze.

One that really started it was a brand named Hooch which did very well and it went on to make include WKD, Smirnoff Ice and many many more. What I am interested in though is were they big out of the UK? Did you see them growing up at all and did you drink them?


Free Spirit
Staff member
At first I was going to say I have never heard of them so I looked it up. If what you are talking about is the same thing we still have them around. I have bought wine coolers a few times or Bacardi Breezer or something like that a couple of times. I'm pretty much a red wine person and I haven't even had any of that in a while.


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