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Music Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks In The Road


Registered Member
I heard this for the first time Friday and loved it. I've been an Alanis fan since Jagged Little Pill came out and Jagged Little Pill Acoustic is my all time favorite album. I did think that most of the albums since the first have been rather hit and miss always having one or two I love, a few I like and others that don't do much for me. So I was wondering what her new album would be like.

From the first moments of the first track I felt like an old friend had come for a visit. The album has a couple of favorite tracks (my highest rating), I loved )my second highest rating) most of the rest and there were only two tracks that got a like a lot (my third highest rating) rating from me. Overall this is my favorite album of 2020 so far.


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I wasn't aware that Alanis Morissette had come out with a new album this year. It's good to now know.

Although her music isn't among my favorites, I do like her music, for the most part.

I'm glad you liked this new album, asp3.
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