Alabama, Texas #1 and 2 in latest BCS

Discussion in 'College Sports' started by Major, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Major

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    ESPN - College Football BCS Standings, NCAA College Football BCS Standings, NCAA Football BCS Standings

    1. Alabama
    2. Texas
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Florida
    5. USC
    6. Utah
    7. Texas Tech
    8. Penn State
    9. Boise State
    10. Ohio State

    I'm actually kind of surprised Texas is still ahead of Oklahoma after OU jumped them in all the polls.

    It's probably unlikely, but if Florida beats Alabama in the SEC championship game there could be a Texas/OU rematch for the National Championship.

    USC is pretty much out unless some miracles happen. Too bad, cause I'd love to see them play Oklahoma or Florida.

  2. Millz

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    Texas deserves to be ahead of Oklahoma IMO....they beat them in the head to head and that deserves a lot of consideration.

    Alabama is safe as long as they dont lose it appears but they'll have a tough matchup with Florida in the SEC championship game.
  3. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    I'm interested in seeing if Ohio State beats Boise State in the last spot for a BCS bowl. Ohio State played tougher teams, but they lost their two tough games (against the current #5 and #8), and Boise State is convincingly undefeated.
  4. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    I can understand the argument for either team. On one hand, Oklahoma is playing better than any team in the country right now, right up there with Florida. They absolutely destroyed Texas Tech, who beat Texas. On the other hand, Texas did beat Oklahoma head to head and they both have one loss. I think Oklahoma is the better team. But Texas deserves it more since they beat Oklahoma. Tough choice.

    Yep. Assuming Alabama beats Auburn and Florida beats Florida State, the winner of the SEC championship game is pretty much guaranteed a spot in the top 2. I think Florida will beat Alabama.

    Oregon State needs to lose to Oregon tomorrow for either Ohio State or Boise State to be considered for a BCS bowl. If Oregon State wins, they win the Pac-10. USC would get an at-large bid. The SEC and Big 12 will each get two teams in the BCS. The ACC, Big East, and Big Ten will each get one team in. That only leaves one more spot, which Utah automatically gets if they finish in the top 8 I think.

    If Oregon State loses, then it's between Ohio State and Boise State for the final spot. I'm a die hard Ohio State fan and honestly I don't think they deserve to be in the BCS this year. I think they're probably a better team than Boise State, but Boise State is undefeated. Ohio State had a couple chances to prove themselves and they couldn't do it.

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