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I really like the background but I don't really like the image it doesn't really blend in with the background I believe it just looks out of place. but all in all it's really nice.


It's not really supposed to blend perfectly. I wanted him to stand out because he's the focus point for the entire wall. Too much blending would have lowered the pic quality too.
I like the sparkles a lot... the rest of the image seems a little barren by comparison though, and I agree with Vince, the figure looks pretty out of place, and the text doesn't stand out enough I think.
your stuff looks real similar lol
They both use that sort of "street" look textured background. *shrug* it looks alright in my opinion, but I think it gets really overused.
thats just a really big ass brush over a dark bg with a lighter color to get the bright spot in the bg then a fill over it with some random trendwhore pattern and then either a bryce render or sinedots filter around the stock topped off with the scatter effect on the airbrush sorry went on a rant

anyways yea its ok


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This one is much better than the other one. The pic would look better if it was a lil bit larger. The colors match very well and the tex blends. I can only see that the uniform looks a little bit bright and kind of like coartoonish.Also it is semi blended but if you lowered the stock opacity by maby five it would look better.
text: 9.5
stock: 7.5