Al Gore wins the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize


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First an Academy Award, now the Nobel Peace Prize.

Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize - Climate Change -

Certainly impressive. I've never seen the documentary he did on global warming and I'm not too familiar with what he's been doing other than that but apparently he has been up to some pretty good stuff.

According to that article, Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" played a large roll in his winning the prize.


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As long as he deserves it, and isn't just getting it for his name. Good for him, though, he does work hard for the environment... even if the stuff he owns isn't very "green."


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As much as I am not a fan of Gore, I can't blame him for this. Heck, he even is going to donate the money to charity.

What does strike me is how political and antisemitic the Nobel Prize has become. In recent years, the committee has awarded Yassir Arafat, Jimmy Carter and now Al Gore. Arafat was clearly antisemitic. Carter wrote that ridiculous book that seemed to call for the partial elimination of Israel. Although Gore has never never said anything against Jews, there was a woman nominated who helped to free people from the Nazi camps. It seems she is the real peacemaker here.

The thing that makes it political is these nominations always come out when there is political gain to be had. Gore winning this leading into 2008 elections is huge - where winning it last year would not have been as big a deal.