Al Capone


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I'm sure almost everyone knows who Al Capone is, my question is do you think if he was alive during this time and age, do you think he would of been able to pull off what he did back in the 1920's?

Not a chance. He wouldn't be able to avoid a RICO charge long enough to do anything of major importance. The age of the mafia is dead and gone, especially the age when there were high-level bosses, now in order to not get caught and rot away in jail, you have to be pretty small time.


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I think he would've been able to. If you corrupt a police department enough, you can get away with anything really.

I see no difference between gangs today and the mafia then except the mafia kind of stayed out of the news.. you never really knew who was doing it, but even if you did, you had no proof. Now you have people running around dressed all in one color killing people in a different color.

I still think the mafia exists, just don't do as much as they did back in the day.

So yes, I think Capone could get away with the stuff he did back then today.
The mafia certainly exists today, but the goverment has a stangle hold on them now. They don't have nearly as much freedom or power as they use to, and the RICO act was the death of the American mafia. You can corrupt a police force and that'll help you out, but getting inside the FBI and staying there (in numbers) is a different story. And that is where the real power would come.


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If he did it wouldnt be at the scale he achieved back then. More than likely he'd just take over as a Union boss some where ;) hahaha. But seriously though... there are just to many safe gaurds nowadays to prevent situations like he created back then.

However giving the benefit of the doubt... People can always be bought, so ya never know... if he were to grease the right palms, the things he could get away with now.


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Too many people with a conscience, and not even close to enough money to pay them all off. I'm something of a Capone fan, but I dont see it possible by modern standards.

"It's easier to influence people with a kind word and a gun then with just a kind word"

I have that engraved onto a .45 single action my grandfather gave me some years ago.


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"It's easier to influence people with a kind word and a gun then with just a kind word"
haha thats awesome.

But no, i don't think capone could pull off what he did back then today...too much technology, too many safety precautions, too many things to lead back to him. Plus, i don't think you could bribe people as easily now as you could back then.