Akira Live Action Movie!


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Never saw the anime. I hardly have seen any older animes but reading what it was about at ANN didnt seem to interest me either.

Probably the live-action movie should have been made ages ago.

Besides most live action movies of animes well suck.
Bad,from what I seen in AMV's mind control *WTF* and Psychic stuff it would be rated M 18+ or maybe banned from what I heard from a friend with movies like these o_O


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I thought the movie was good, I liked the manga more. I don't think they should make a live action movie because it will more then likely suck.


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Akira was originally a manga that moved to the movie (although I've only heard of the movie and watched it first too). Having a live action film made from it sounds kind of dum since the movie was awarded many awards when it came out. A live action film would ruin its reputation by sucking, kind of like they did with Sailor Moon.