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I apologize for giving you that tongue in cheek rep today. Dumb and no excuse! It must have seemed like a continuation of my old record of poking at you, all of which I'm very sorry for. I promise you now in front of everyone that it'll never happen again.

Going to work on making peace with everyone. That is all.


It's not me, it's you.
I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on your "sincere" apology. But after that rep, it's pretty clear I was mistaken. I can't believe the audacity of it after what you did to her...someone who didn't deserve it, and didn't do anything to you.

I'm not sure how to make this any clearer.

Leave. Me. Alone.


Lion Rampant
I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on your "sincere" apology.
Hell's bells, I missed that hoped-for opportunity somehow. When was this?

I can't believe the audacity of it after what you did to her...someone who didn't deserve it, and didn't do anything to you.
Thank you! You're right, she didn't do anything to me, and here you've given me the perfect platform to put that stupid rumor to rest. I had the time of my life with Jeanie and that's what I posted. A supposedly confidential comment about her initial mood after the several-hour drive, which I made in an effort to bring a third party to the table regarding his mistreatment of her (remember how that angered me? Diplomacy = sausage making!), was blown as wildly out of context as any statement I've uttered in my life. After trying to put that unflattering story about her to bed and failing (and getting infracted to boot), all I could do was shake my head and wonder if someone had an interest in perpetuating it.

Another thing I said to the (now-forgiven) third party which came back around Chicken Little-style unrecognizable, was that she occasionally sent me PMs that were full of anger toward him. How in the Alaskan Thunder Fuck that turned into "I don't like her writing to me/She is not my friend," I can only guess.

Lastly, yes, I did quote her without permission in ranting about him. No secrets were betrayed there, it should be obvious to everyone. It was all a tempest in a teapot, and might have even been funny except that her feelings were mangled in the process. l've wracked my poor brain trying to think of a way to unravel that knot. Any help from anywhere is welcome.

Before all this, J-Bird and I were super close. Evey friend I have means something to me. So, if what I've detailed here is censurable behavior on my part, I'll take my lumps. At least the truth is finally out in this thread. I owe you one.

Leave. Me. Alone.
I understand why you say that. And man, at any earlier point in my life leaving it go would have sounded great. I'd have walked away and left the damage I did in place, no problem. Tucker ain't no saint!

But watch this space. Give me six months before deciding that a man can't turn himself around. I mean, after all... won't it be cool to find out if one can?

I took the hour walk to the local donut shop and back tonight (got no car that rolls atm), to get this picture for you. It's meant as a small token to say that although I've given you good reason to do so in the past, you will not always doubt my sincerity.

P.S.: CO rocks!

That goes for me as well.
Hi, Amy. Sorry again that I didn't reply to your email sooner. I was temporarily 'out of order' after losing my way and losing the star of my world who was my first happy thought every morning. That was a disorienting kick to the head that I just didn't know how to cope with at first. I really did hit 'Reply' four to six times during those weeks but could not string together a proper thought. I was so down in the dumps, in fact, that if not for Danny calling me, I would have probably given up on GF completely, even though I need it every bit as much as anyone else. I hope you won't be angry with me forever.
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It's not me, it's you.
In my PM to you, I said that you seemed sincere...which is why I even bother to respond to you at all. You have now wiped out that sincerity by even more assholish actions. People who are actually sorry, don't do these things.

I've read them for myself. Even so, she still did nothing to you, and yet you still felt the need to leave me that rep. That says volumes to me.

It baffles me that I actually responded to your PM, and instead of responding back in kind, you cause drama by posting a thread. I'm not sure what your game here is, but I want no part of it. Not respecting my wishes of you leaving me alone, will not get you anywhere. It's just digging a deeper and deeper hole.

If you truly wanted to show me that you were a changed person, posting this thread was a huge mistake on your part.