AJ's New Character


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I wonder if any of you are thinking the same as me. I honestly don't think the mini Nature Boy role suits AJ Styles. I don't know why but he seems really uncomfortable on the mic when trying to come across exactly the way Ric Flair does.
He has never been the best talker anyway but to me it just seems quite forced now during his promos as if he just wants to disappear into a hole rather than be out their talking. Can anyone else add anything to this or is it just me who is thinking along these lines?


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I'm going to take the other road, and say that it does work for him. He's doing a great job in his heel persona at the moment, and delivers it with quite alot of passion.

It's not that he's uncomfortable on the mic, he's just not a natural like the nature boy, that much I can agree with you.

But on the whole, he seems to fit the role quite well in my opinion.


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The thing is when AJ and Flair are together it is Flair who comes across as the star while AJ just seems secondary by comparison. That isn't the way it should be.


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Like I said in the WWE vs TNA thread, this is character is a wannabe Flair from his NWA days, the only difference is that AJ has no microphone skills at all. Personally I hate the character just because Flair made it so great and Styles is making it so lame.

I also don't believe he's suited to be a heel.


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Personally i'm loving the new AJ Styles, which is surprising because i've always hated Ric Flair. I think Styles is doing an awesome job in the role considering he's never been known for his mic skills, and i think it's given him much more of a personality.


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Let's face it....AJ Styles was sooo boring as a face, he had 0 personality in my opinion, and even though he was over, he just wasn't doing it in my opinion.

The crowd is reacting more to him now that he's turned heel...that or perhaps it's because he's with Flair.

@Anthony, I see what you mean, he does seem like second banana to Ric, but that's because he's Ric friggin Flair...you'd have to be a pretty awesome wrestler in the mic sense to take Rics thunder, like Triple H when he was always with Ric during the Evolution days.


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Styles is awesome as a face, and now as a heel. His last heel run was annoying and comedic, making him look 2nd rate. Now he looks like THE MAN. He's doing this thing with Flair so well...I don't know where you guys are getting this criticism.


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The only reason AJ is doing so well as a heel, is because he's with Ric Flair, so obviously Ric is coaching AJ on how to better his character as a whole, because Ric is just a natural, you can easily tell when you watch AJ that it just seems a little too forced, it's a good thing he's trying out there, but to try too hard is a little too much.

@Anthony, as far as Trips mic skills go, he's not that bad. He's certainly better than AJ in that respect, just not a natural like the nature boy, but decent.