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Aj Styles vs John Cena MITB (spoilers)


Registered Member
WARNING - this thread will contain spoilers for the match at Money in the Bank. I have only just watched MITB so know nothing about what occoured after this event however so would rather keep it as spoiler free as possible in that regard.

So, Styles Vs Cena, the "big match", the match "fifteen years in the making", who was better? Who was stronger? THIS was what we all wanted to know; at least accoring to the WWE... Now don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the match and to both men credit is due but when he came over to WWE him facing off was never one my mind.

When he did I thought he could be good with SmoJo, I know it would be bringing up the past but it could be awesome. Or possibly Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn. I get that from WWE's pov they wanted to get him over from day one and I imagine that had Cena been well enough the fued would have occoured much earlier and he would never have faced Jericho to begin with.

I cannot and wouldn't ever speak for others but it seems to me that they made such a big deal, that it was the match that we all wanted but to be honest I never really heard many people talk or consider it. Do you feel the same? Am I alone in this?