Aizen's Preparing for War

Discussion in 'Anime' started by kajin_phoenixlord, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. OK. It looks like Aizen is pretty much getting ready for war and he looks like he's got him some pretty good foot soldiers in line. What ever tactics that he has planned against Soul Society and the real world it's gonna be big. I'm interested to see if it will make old man Yamamoto get involved. We've only seen a glimpse of his power and that alone made him pretty bad ass. Anyway, what are your thoughts on what may happen?

  2. Swiftstrike

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    Im interested personally i felt that Aizens soul slayers ability for hypnosis was a lame cop out however. I already thought he was too powerful to begin with.
  3. From what we've seen already Aizen is pretty dangerous. I didn't expect him to plow through Toushiro with ease like he did. That kinda changed my perception of him real fast.
  4. Swiftstrike

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    I think Aizen is too powerful. I really think hes unrealistically too powerful.
  5. im not too sure how its going to happen, i just want it to happen now instead of these damn fillers
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    Exactly, the fillers arent that good at all. Infact its safe to say they are relatively uninteresting and its lowering my overall opinion of the show the more i watch them. I held bleach in a much higher regard before the filler.
  7. oh as did everyone else, but fillers will do that to any show, once they end it will be right back up there again, thank god naruto is over with, time for some good shit

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