TV Airing Episodes of Shows Out of Order

Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by TVAdam, May 20, 2009.

  1. TVAdam

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    Some shows shoot the show in the order that's aired on TV. Other shows shoot the show in an order that's screwed around with by the networks. This is a thread about that.

    On The Wild Wild West, during it's fourth season, actor Ross Martin suffered a heart attack. The show featured two main players, Robert Conrad as Jim West and Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon. There were nine episodes shot without Ross Martin. West had a revolving door of sidekicks throughout that tenure. Finally, in the 102nd episode, Martin returned. He came back, but for only three episodes. The series was canceled at the end of the season. When the network aired the final season, they took the nine Artie-less episodes and sprinkled them throughout the year. Making it seem like he was gone once in a while, rather than in one long block.

    The same the happened on Bewitched. In it's fifth season, the last eight episodes, Dick York was absent. During the filming of an episode, he had a seizure and quit the series. The following season would be the debut of the second Darrin, Dick Sargent. So ABC aired the Darrin-less episodes mixed in with the others. Making it seem like he was absent occassionally, rather than in one block.

    Pretty much the same thing happened on Saved by the Bell. During the senior year, they shot all the episodes with Kelly and Jessie. That included the final episode - the graduation. After that, they shot all those Tori episodes. But when T-NBC aired the show, they mixed in all the Tori's with the Kelly/Jessie's. This was weird, because Kelly and Jessie never acknowledged Tori and Tori never acknowledged Kelly and Jessie. It's almost as if they existed in different universes.

    Then there's FOX which aired episodes of Sliders out of order. At the end of one episode the gang find themselves about be covered in water. However, the episode before it (in FOX's aired order) began with the gang already climbing a building to keep from drowning. FOX screwed the order.

    What are some examples you can think of?

  2. browneyes106

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    It bothered me when Saved by the Bell did that. I agree it seemed like they were in different universes. I also feel sorry for Leanna Creel because is she often forgotten in all the retrospect shows done about Saved by the Bell.
  3. Italiano

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    FOX did something similar with "Firefly". In fact when they first aired the show they didn't show the 2-hour premiere and the actual first episode of the series. They aired the 2nd one instead because they thought that no one would get attached to the show that quickly if they aired the first one. It was bullshit.

    Then they canceled the show anyways after the first season ended. FOX dropped their sticks a long time ago and will never pick 'em up.
  4. TVAdam

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    Another example of this is The Monkees. They shot all the episodes of both seasons in an order (production order), and yet it was aired all shuffled. Even the pilot, which was clearly the first one they did was aired as like the 10th episode.

    Then in the second season, they shuffled up the order again. In production order, Mike started off with his green hat, then after 12 or so episodes, he quit wearing the hat. He went the duration of the series without the hat. But in broadcast order, he sometimes wore the hat and sometimes didn't. That's one thing. You can just take it as that. But the big problem is the Micky's hair goes from being straight to curly. In broadcast order, though, sometimes it's straight and sometimes it's curly.

    These may seem like little things to the casual viewer, but to me, it's stuff that annoys me. Why not just air it in the proper order? Why is that so hard?

    NewsRadio had a few episodes aired out of order. but then again for that show, some of their production order was wrong too. So maybe if NBC just watched the episodes and decided which was the best order to view these episodes in, which is something I've done with many shows.
  5. Bliss

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    I was watching an episode of Scrubs the other day and it ended on a cliffhanger. There was another episode on straight after but it didn't follow on. It really annoyed me!
  6. micfranklin

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    Are we talking about shows that are currently producing new episodes or shows that are already long gone and showing re-runs? Because I can name a few times where they aired one episode of That 70's Show where Donna and Eric were together and next week they suddenly weren't, which made no sense in context.
  7. TVAdam

    TVAdam Registered Member

    Yep, shows from all time. And That '70s Show is one of the shows I've orderized myself because I noticed too many errors in the order FOX chose.
  8. browneyes106

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    I remember back Fox aired few episodes of Boston Public out of order in 2001 or 2002.

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