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Air Force Special Training...


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I am stationed at Port Hueneme, which is primarily a Navy base. The reason I am here is because the Air Force sends their people here for vehicle maintenance training. Basically for the Navy its a continuation of boot camp and for the Air Force its like a vacation and the Navy envies us for that reason. Basically the Air Force gets treated a lot better than other branches of the military... so it's not just the Navy that envies us... all the other branches do as well.

So this weekend is a 3 day weekend and my and a couple of buddies drive to the local Walmart and pick us up some nerf guns so we could have some fun in the dorms. I got a N-Strike Maverick for myself. We get back to the dorms and are greeted by a Navy Lieutenant who asked us "what the f**k is this about?", I replied "sir, we are going to conduct special forces training with these nerf guns". Then the Lt. replied "oh f**king funny... go take those f**king toys inside and I better not hear sh*t from you or else...". So the guys and I go back to our rooms all sullen and then some Air Force duty ropes came to our rooms and tried to confiscate our guns... after some intensive discussion we got to keep our guns and play for a bit. I think we won the battle for tonight but tommorow the MTLs *military training leaders* will be in and they will have the final word....

Moral of the story:
is there one?
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Moral: In the Armed Forces, Nerf guns are serious business.