AIDS cure quickly approaching

Hahaha, understandable. (I still think that was fucking hilarious tho)

(because it was)

I dont think it will lead anywhere. I mean, Im sure people want to beleve that this will be the end to the epidemic...or pandemic...whichever one it is...I forget.

Anywho, I just dont want to get my hopes up. If it DOES end up raping AIDS (lol, there I go again!) then I dont know how I would feel. It just seems so surreal. I think I would laugh for a long time, wipe the tears of happyness from my eyes, and then make sure that all the reacherch money from aids goes to cancer.


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Quickly approaching is an overstatement. But yes, it's a progress. They have been looking at this angle for years now, or at least Pasteur Institute when the question was raised why not all HIV patients from the first wave of the discovery decades ago was affected the same way. Some died, some took drugs then died, some didn't take anything and yet almost 20 years later do not manifest anything different. It has been suggested that there is something in the make up of the person's cells that somehow blocks the virus from developing further. The question is how to isolate this and then try to figure if it can be replicated...


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From the nature of the article it's not a cure as the woman is still contagious. Rather it just suppresses it for the lifetime of the individual. The most likely cure to HIV/AIDS are the enzyme treatments being developed that remove HIV from the cells it infects.


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I think it's to early to call it a cure. More research is needed, but I do think they are on to something.

Why does the wife's system seem to be doing so good. If her immune system is so strong why haven't they tried a transfusion with the husband?

Could the husbands drug use have something to do with the difference between his and her immune system and how fast the virus can spread and how potent the strain is?

This is an interesting story.


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I think it is just a matter of time. Some people don't show the symptoms as she hasn't for years but that does not mean it won't come either. Everybodies doing research on this including us.


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The story is quite incredible and to hear that someone has this ability is pretty exciting. I bet those scientists are ecstatic to be working on such a project.