Any AHL fans here?Been a Hershey Bears fan since the mid 60s.Have seen a lot of future NHL greats come thru.

This might be the Bears year to win the Calder Cup.Goalie Frederick Cassivi is hot and the team looks real hungry,playing a very disciplined game with Graham Mink looking to play in Washington next year.


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I watch a couple of AHL games, I love Hamilton Bulldogs, they hadnt any good years since Claude Julien left, but they do have good talent. Also the AHL is a very good league, because during the strike it helped a lot of players to develop like Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabers and many others.


Top developmental league.I saw Hamilton in Hershey once this year and by chance sat next to referee St. Laurents girlfriend.

Just happened to ask if she was a players girlfriend because she seemed to be interested in a non fans way.I should have been an azzhole and made some lewd suggestions as she was a very pretty girl but I'm sadly too much of a gentlemen. ;)


I was going to make a topic of this but since it's already made I will bump it.

I love the AHL because that's where all the up and coming players usually start, and that's where some of the tough guys play, and fight a lot. My team is the Wilkes-Barre Baby Pens, who finished with I think the best record in the AHL, or maybe second. There are a lot of cool AHL players though like Dennis Bonvie, Reed Low, etc