Aggro to the max

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  1. Cheekie3

    Cheekie3 Guest

    this is my 9 year old brother's deck, please r/f


    Mobius The Frost Monarch x 2
    Granmerg The Rock Monarch
    Enraged Battle Ox x2
    King Tiger Wanghu x2
    goblin elite attack force x 2
    indomitable fighter lei lei x 3
    breaker the magical warrior
    exiled force
    mystic swordsman lv 2
    d d assailant
    berserk gorilla x 3
    d d warrior lady
    Spear dragon


    mythical space typhoon
    nobleman of crossout x 2
    reinforcements of the army
    Book Of Moon
    heavy storm
    smashing ground x 2
    premature burial
    snatch steal
    graceful charity


    final attack orders
    call of the haunted
    Torrential tribute
    mirror force
    sakuretsu armor x 3


  2. fauyd

    fauyd Guest

    lets make it even more crazy aggro.


    3 Cyber Dragon

    3 Goblin Attack Force
    3 Elite Goblin Attack Force
    3 Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei
    3 Giant Orc
    3 Zombyra
    1 Exiled Force
    1 Breaker


    1 Graceful Charity
    1 Heavy Storm
    1 MST
    2 Nobleman of Crossout
    1 Premature Burial
    1 Snatch Steal
    2 Rush Recklessly
    2 Nobleman of Extermination


    1 Call
    1 Torrential
    1 Mirror Force
    3 Final Attack Orders
    3 Skill Drain
    2 Deck Devastation

    Side Deck 15

    2 Kuriboh
    1 Mystic Lamp
    1 Scapegoat
    1 Book of Moon
    1 Ceasefire
    2 Waboku
    3 Solemn Judgment
    2 Royal Opression
    2 Dust Tornado
  3. Cheekie3

    Cheekie3 Guest

    thanks for the fix, that is similar to how he used to run it, but he decided to use enraged etc, so he's not as reliant on FAO.

    but i'll get him to try out what he can.

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