Age difference?


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Hi everyone, My names James, and this would be my first post on your forum.

Im just posting for an opinion really, Basically, Iam going out with this girl, have been for at least 2 months now and, it's a great relationship, were having the time of our lives.

But obviousley there are a select few people out to ruin what we have. Heres the problem, I'm 16, shes 14, soon to be 15.

Is that really so wrong? Considering the love we share for eachother? I want nothing more than to be around her.

Any comments?


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I don't understand the problem. Your situation seems common (16yo going out with 14-15yo) and I haven't heard of it being an issue until today.


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Thats my point, Neither have I, but people are like, threatening to ring the poilce etc.

Im just looking for a little reassurence i guess. :/
If the age difference is 10+ years it might be a bit odd, but this is only 2 years! There is nothing wrong with it unless you are sleeping with her. Then there is a problem.

Just ignore the people who have a problem with you dating her until they get a soild reason.
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Thanks for the replies.

I figure i'm just going to leave everything around me and focus on hers.

Thanks again


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lmao, 16 and 14 thats nothing! When I was 16-17 I was actually dating a 22 year old.... my parents freaked the F out and broke that up faster than you could ever imagine! I realize now that that type of age difference is just dumb.


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Why is two years a problem? It's not like she's six.

People really need to get over this "age" bullshit. Everyone knows when something is inappropriate (a ten year old dating a thirty year old?) but we seriously need to stop imposing shit on others.


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I mean, my girlfriend is 18 this month and I'm 21 and even my mom got worried when we started dating when she had no reason to.