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AGDQ/SGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quickly)


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I don't think people are yet aware of this, so I might as well do my part to bring its existence to everyone's attention. There are a lot of them I could use as examples, but I might as well use the overall best, most fitting example I could, so here goes:

The one I'm watching right now is one of the Chrono Trigger Co-ops, so I'm just going to mention it rather than link it to cut down on page loading times.

Minor note:

I had a really good debate down there with one of the asshats who put down the donation interruption during the roof jump glitch that he needed serious time for during the "Cam Ward donation comment" pretty early on, but I deleted by google+ account about a month after it and it erased my side of it. Pity. It's fun to do stuff like that and get attention drawn to the cause unintentionally as a result of it. Truth, you're just defending the difficulty behind the move, because it should be obvious for people to understand how difficult this stuff is, especially when it's a WELL-publicized glitch, but then it keeps people coming back to the videos and wanting to see more. So it's kind of a win-win... without intending.

Better note:

It's easy to get obsessed with these videos if you're a retro gamer. Even if SPEED runs aren't your thing (like for me, unique challenges ARE)... it's easy to.
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I've been watching these AGDQ/SGDQ marathons for a few years. It's pretty amazing how much money they raise for charity. I think the last few have each raised over a million dollars for cancer research.

Plus I love watching speed runs of old school games, as well as seeing games I've never seen before and discovering new speed runners and hearing their commentary. I look forward to these events every summer/winter.


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If you have any favorites, post them so that if I haven't seen them already, I get a chance to since there's so many and I haven't seen them all.

I have a whole bunch of favorites but I don't want to elongate this page's loading time finding and listing them all. Usually if you google search a game they've done, one main one will pop up and then another bunch of them that may or may not be as good as the first, but I'd rather see personal favorites from people, best one/record or not.

So basically, if you like it enough, put the video on here.