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Do you believe there is an afterlife, and if so, what does it consist of?


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I believe in an afterlife...however I have no idea what it could possibly be. I don't imagine clouds or pearly gates or any of that. It's hard to imagine ceasing to exist. Perhaps we just become energy in the universe...or even reincarnated without knowing it... I think ultimately though we a different stage in existence...

I am also of the thought that if there is no afterlife then being dead is similar to what it was like to not be born...


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Perhaps we just become energy in the universe...
I usually lean more towards this school of thought, but with the twist that those whose consciousness are self aware are able to freely explore eternity in a dream like state. Sleeping without the waking up part. Exploration without limitations or rules of any kind. :spin:


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I do not believe in a heaven or what have you. I believe either we stay on earth in the manner that Philly was talking about... OR I believe it is just like turning the TV off..

I have conflicting feelings as to which one it is.


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Our consciousness is completely, or at least in large part, made up of biological matter and energy, which clearly remains with the body after death. Our memories die with our synapses, our senses die with our organs, and our emotions die with our hormonal glands. It stands to reason that even if a soul exists and continues to function after death, the nature of its after-life experience would be so different from that of its living one that whatever bit of the person that carried over would be completely unrecognizable, even to itself.


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I went to a funeral of a young guy this morning. Man there's a big difference going to a funeral when almost everyone in the room knows where the guy went after he passed away.

But, I definitely believe in an afterlife. As far as what its like, I have no clue. To me trying to imagine the afterlife is like a baby in the womb trying to imagine what the world outside will be like. Even if someone described it to us, it would make no sense.


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I believe in the afterlife.
There's a possibility of reincarnation, depending if the soul needs it/wants it.
My own interpretation of the afterlife is as follows. The souls make their way to another dimention on earth, the spiritiual dimention. Meaning that everyone remains on earth but in different dimentions. It's a way to explain ghosts, for example.