After school programs/sports


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What kind of after school programs are/were you involved in?

In high school I was on the cross country and track teams. I was involved in an afterschool card and board game club that met once or twice week. It depended on the teacher's schedules.


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I was on the Basketball and Baseball team, I loved every minute of it and I miss it dearly. One of the reasons I miss it a lot is because I don't have the time to play as much basketball anymore. But I do play baseball twice a week which is really fun.


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Does detention count?

I was in a few sports teams that met after school; Netball, Hockey and occasionally I filled in on the volleyball team if they were a player short. That was before I got lazy and quit them all. Pretty much anything else I was involved in met at lunch times.
I was on the girl's hockey and FOOTball teams. Always in defense, for both.

Can't remember if there was anything else to be honest.. I used to stay behind after school and do art quite a lot but that was probably just me being dorky.


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I'll only be doing track this year.

I used to be involved in Cross Country, Soccer, Wrestling, and Jazz and marching band (though I never went because I hated it :lol:)

Track is good, it's definitely my favorite sport, I'm a sprinter so I run the 100m and 200m as well as the relays that go along with that distance.

I enjoy running as fast and as hard as I possibly can it's very competitive.


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I was doing a sound and lighting course after school. I was into it for awhile then I got over it lol.


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I took drama in school and once a week we'd stay after school to do some role-playing. It was good fun and I miss those days.