After merging partitions, file can't show...!

Discussion in 'Technology' started by iamgood, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. iamgood

    iamgood New Member

    oh dear, pls...pls...need some help here.

    recently i decided to merge my 2 separate partitions back into 1. So i open the Partition magic, go to the 2nd partition, right click and choose "merge'. A msg box pop up and show that my 2nd partition (D) will become a folder in the 1st partition (C). After this i did not change any setting nor request any other changes and the computer reboot and start doing the merging.
    I've done this before and roughly know that this wouldn't take long but this time it took 2 hours to finish the process during which i saw some weird msg like 'correcting error in file...', 'deleting index entry...' and recovering orphaned file...'

    Finally it's over. But i was so surprise to see that after all this time waiting, the 2 partition DID NOT merge. What worst is that and all the files in the 2nd partition disapprear!! But later i found out that there was actually files in the 2nd partition but just can't see them, the computer is not showing them, coz when i click 'property' in 2nd partition i can clearly see that the partition is occupied but just CAN'T see the files. I further check with Partition magic and the program also show that there was some files in the 2nd the partition. However, in partition magis the status of the 2nd partition was show as 'None' rather than 'Active'.

    I would really appreciate you guys to kindly guide me on how to recover my precious files in the 2nd partition. Pls let me have your reply very soon. Thanking you in advance.

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  2. Thermal

    Thermal Registered Member

    If you made a rescue disk, you should try to use it now prior to anything else.

    Otherwise, there are a few things you can try, first you may want to look into a good undelete program like Restoration (there are a couple of others ones I can't think of right now). Avoid writing anything to the partition prior to doing this because it sounds like your filesystem table is screwed up and could accidentally overwrite the data. Second, you may try chkdsk /r on the partition which will fix soft file table errors.
  3. reviewer

    reviewer Registered Member

    Repartitioning in this manner has its hazards. I hope that your data was backed up.
  4. Jag1

    Jag1 Registered Member

    There's a reason that stumps me. Why would you want to re-make two partitions into one? I understand splitting partitions is just to make sorting things easier...but merging them?
  5. Thermal

    Thermal Registered Member

    If your running out a room on one partition, and another partition has lots of unuse space, than I can see merging partitions together. Of course with partition magic, you could just resize the partitions.
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  6. Jag1

    Jag1 Registered Member

    Yep, the resizing partitions bit is the most logical. However, doesn't partition magic have a "recovery" button or something like that?
  7. iamgood

    iamgood New Member

    hi guys,

    thx for the opinions :) .
    recently i added another HD into the comp for more space and to manage my documents, that's y I want to merge 2 partitions in the 1st HD, so that it'll be clearly 2 storage space in 2 separate HD, been using it quite some time without any problem, so no back-up :( :-/

    ya :nod: , there should be a "recovery" button (or something like that) in the Partition Tragic (just learn that recently). I'll also try other recovery program and chkdsk /r...hoping to c a +ve result...

    Thx guys...good day.
  8. reviewer

    reviewer Registered Member

    This is why you should ALWAYS back up your data when you are repartitioning... this sort of maneuver presents risk to your data.

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