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After finished eating..


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I usually eat then get up to do the dishes because i'm the slow eater,lol.


Boom Boom Pow!
I always sit back, relax and wait for everyone to finish.

It can be seen as rude if you don't wait until everyone has finished to leave the table.

If I was eating on my own I would sit back and relax for a while too.


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We don't have those 'table dinners' because everyone works and you don't know what time they'll be home, if we are home, we just cook something for ourselves, and that's it.


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It really depends. I'm a fairly quick eater so I usually finish before everyone. Sometimes i'll sit there and wait for everyone to finish, sometimes I get up. If someone leaves the table before me, I take that as a sign that it's not rude for me to leave either. If it's a tense environment, say after a fight, then I eat as quickly as possible, sometimes just not eating everything on my plate just so I can leave quicker.


Sally Twit
I always wait for everyone to finish and then I'll throw myself on the sofa in front of the TV to wait for it to go down.


In need of Entertainment
I always sit and wait till others have finished, throughout the week as well. Usually it's just me and my husband, he would more often than not get up if he's finished only because he can't stand a moment of idleness... on weekends that changes :) We can't do anything then...


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I will usually sit there with whoever else is still eating and chat while they finish, it also gives me time to let it settle before I stand up and walk off.


Sultan of Swat
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After I'm done eating I'll get up and start doing the dishes, if I'm a restaurant then I'll definitely wait for the others to finish as well, relax for a few minutes afterwards than ask for the bill and just leave. That's if I don't stay to watch a sporting game or such.


Band Nerd ♫
My family never eats at a dinner table... We haven't done that in like... 12 years. XD

I get really impatient when I'm at a restaurant with my parents (they are slow eaters) so I usually avoid going to restaurants and just ask them to bring me something home, of which I get to eat in the privacy of my room.