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Afro Samurai - Opinions? (Possible spoilers?)


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Okay, So i watched this for the first time last night and i managed to get up to the part were he fights that other orphan, with the bear head thing on.

And personally i found it rather satisfying. I liked the animation, not to mention Afro's attitude throughout the whole thing. Kind of gives Samuel L Jackson a new level of cool :D



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I hadn't seen the anime yet but I heard they were doing a sequel.


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Yeah I saw this last summer/fall/whatever. Absolutely loved it. Especially when that one guy pulled that bigass rocket launcher out of his small back pack. Shit is HI-larious.


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yeah the animation is sweet, RZA did the music.
I got to see part 1 in HD, and the rest compressed. The HD version was amazing. The animation style is like Ninja Scroll, fastforward 10 years. Very cool.