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    I'm sure this is a topic that affects everyone here. What do you guys think about the Afghan war? I've got family that was in Iraq and Afghan and they tell me Afghanistan is a wreck. The difference seems to be the people of Iraq were more receptive, more willing to work with the coalition troops where in Afghanistan you have no clue who is a friend or foe. I really don't know what the solution is and I just hope and pray that my family and all those guys will be safe and will be able to complete the mission.
    edit - you know I meant to put this in Other News. I don't really see Afghanistan as a divisive issue. :-/ -[highlight]your wish is my command -goat[/highlight]
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    My big problem with the war is that I cant see an answer to the problem. Iraq had a clear agenda (once were passed the lies), remove Sadam, stabilise the region and introduce democracy. Afghan does not have such a clear aim.

    One month it is to destroy the Taliban, the next it is to work with the Taliban to bring stability, the following month it is to side with the Taliban to destroy al-Qaeda. The next month it has nothing to do with Afghanistans militants but Pakistani militants instead. Then we here its the Taliban again.

    They say they are training the Afghanistan security force, then they also say it will never manage alone. Why bother? Is it not just risking a chance of creating another Mujahideen?

    Sadly the only solution I can see is long term western oppression, not occupation or ISAF control but old fashioned imperial dominance where we discard our own principles of freedom and democracy and stabilise the region(or damage limitation) through force. Afghanistan is a failed state, it is pointless trying to make a success of it with phony governments and lack luster state security forces.
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    That's the same sentiment I get when I talk to my family members.

    I remember a story a few months ago where the Brits cleared this area before the election, they lost men doing it and 12 people out of a village of several hundred showed up to vote. Maybe the people were too scared of the Taliban, maybe they hate the coalition, maybe some other reason. But when we give our lives to secure freedoms and nobody even seems to care - why bother?
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    At this point, I've said FUCK AFGHANISTAN. They are a huge waste of lives, resources, and effort. They are a nation of people to afraid of even the people there to liberate them. They are so cowardly. If you get the oppurtunity, watch "Inside the Green Berrets." It is about a green beret unti stationed in afghanistan, and it clerly shows how the people are unwilling to assist americans, how they hate americans, how they are too afraid to help, even with the American's on their side. We would have ended the conflict at least 3 years ago if the people where willing to cooperate with us. Its bullshit, and I'm sick of it
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    Ironically, from what I can gather, the war in Afghanistan has far more support here. The general opinion is that we had no business being in Iraq, but Afghanistan is where the terrorists are at.
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    There have been a few stories like this. Usually along the lines of X amount of soldiers die on an offensive securing a region, then the next day we just give the region back to the Taliban, then a week later we ourselves fighting over the same bit we have "secured" umpteen times before.....only to give it back again.

    What gets me though is they should never of had elections. It just took the piss. We should of still gone into the regions though (even at the cost of soldiers lives) but then we should of put our governor in charge turned to the tribal leaders and said "this is how we roll, your either with us or against us, YOU have to deserve the right to vote and we're not leaving until(or unless) you do".

    Im against colonialism and imperialism in most scenarios but its the only way I can see any stability arising. A bit like what Britain did to Fiji or India during the Empire reign.

    As harsh as it sounds, I dont see any other way to win this war other than oppress them into submission.

    ermm...its a war, the "cooperation" bit is generally what causes them.
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    I guess as with most things you can follow the money. In Iraq, we could at least tell the people: we'll get the pipelines running and give you a share of the oil revenue. In Afghanistan we tell people we'll burn your poppie fields and you can go back to farming dirt. Maybe that's what needs to be addressed. When this is all over, how do they survive once growing heroin and hiding Al Queda is no longer an option?
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    Either Obama needs to grow a spine and bomb the ever living shit out of that country, win and come back victorious or GTFO! If victory is not the goal then why the hell are we over there?

    We can't have this wishy washy hope for the best politically correct attitude with war. When you are at war, unleash all hell and win the damn thing so the suffering stops. Otherwise, end it. Politics and war do not mix... see Vietnam.

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    As I've said in the past, we are not at war with the country of Afghanistan; the conflict is far more complicated than you might think.

    A simple example: if a massive terrorist group was hiding in Michigan, would your recommendation be the same? To raze Michigan to the ground, non-combatants and all?

    Actually, more likely we wouldn't even have war without politics.

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