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Affluenza Strikes Again! 7 DUIs? Enjoy the Superbowl!


Problematic Shitlord
No jail time, no respect for laws us 'common folk' would have been held up to, nothing.

7th DUI conviction and no jail time

Not only is this judge a complete moron, but how does this guy even have a license after SEVEN DUIs? This is absolutely disgusting. A lot of us would be getting tossed in the frier after the second or third one, as you should. Nope, not Goodman.

Hell, he was even allowed to take a plane to New York to see the Superbowl! How the fuck does that work?

"You're probably going to kill someone someday, so go ahead and take a plane and be safe. I'd be a sad, sad panda of a judge if you missed your football game, Drunky McDrunkerson."


Why are these things allowed to happen? I hope this bothers people but that cynical side of me thinks that it simply will not.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't blame people for being mad over this. He should be spending time in jail instead of flying to New Jersey to see a game.

I don't buy the judges argument that he is an important business man and his employees will suffer. Someone else could temporarily take charge of his company and besides this man should have thought about his company and employees before he decided to take off drinking and driving like a maniac.

There could be much more suffering than he or his employees would face because of his absence if he runs over someone.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
It's disgusting. He should be doing jail time and have his license revoked. But nope, the wealthy live by a different set of rules.