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Ok here is the situation-

The GF left me and I will explain how and why because it is a sorted tale.

Well we began living together 1.5 years ago as she was still in hairdressing school .. I insisted to have her just stay in school and I would support the "family" while she just worried about grades so I went to work 8 hours a day and spent 4+ hours a day drumming up alternate cash flow on the comp.

When she was done she got a job at a local salon but i still worked 12+ hours a day trying to do right by my family (I will say here my health is such that ever since 15 years old I have been told that it is detrimental to my health to work at all...F that)

Then I got the forehead idea from Andrew (thanks bud) and we came into $12,000.00 CAN so we thought what should we do?

We both decided to move to My old Home city and start a business to try and better our lives and this is where my piercing studio was born.

She was excited as was I about doing this so to save for the business we moved in my my sister (first mistake) and she did most of the renovations as she enjoys this kind of stuff and is better at it than me. Then we added Boots/Purses/shoes/ect to our inventory as this was a way for her to feel more involved with the shop.

She was supposed to help with the day to day of the shop whenever she wasnt working as a stylist but i soon learned I was working 7 days a week 12+ hours a day with no sight of her but again if it was to help my family i was cool with it.

Now a couple months ago she was contacted by the old company she used to work for (making Boeing parts) and they wanted to hire her for a 4 month contract for rediculous money. She was excited because it would help our lives and expand the business so if she was happy i was all for it.

She left for work in another province and even thou it was hard to be away i just threw myself into the shop thinking this was our future.

Well one day while talking on the net she refuses to say "I love you" and i know there is trouble brewing and the next day she states that it is over and she will be staying there while i stay here.

(ok sorted details now)

At first i tell her she can have everything (shop/car/stuff/ect) just so i dont have to deal with it.

next she says that the shop is mine as is our crappy firefly car but she would like her clothes and stuff of course.

Ok while it feels like my heart is being ripped out I again try and do the right thing and tell her that if she wants so that it will be easier on her I can pack all her stuff and send it to her so that she doesnt have to miss work and or feel the pain of packing memories.

She ok's that but i guess with my work and my degrading health i wasnt fast enough so she decides to come down and get as much as possible.

Ok its hard to see her but i am happy it will be done finally.

through all this she wants to be FRIENDS (BAH!).

well she takes 80% of her stuff and leaves leaving 20% for me still to pack and send.

Now she wont even talk to me about business shit (everything was in both names that is just now getting sorted out) yet i am still to be nice and pack and send.

well now as I sit here i seen a mystery breakup auction and am tempted to stop being so damn nice and just pack it all and mystery it.

any thoughts.



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All I can say is that you have been a whole heck of a lot nicer than I would have been!!
Would I pack it up and sell it on eBay??? Oh yes I would, and not in a nice way....has she ever told you the reason why she had this change of heart?

After having to deal with my husbands ranting last night, I'm probably not the best person to be posting on your thread. On the plus side, you discovered her true nature before any permanant ties had been established..ie. kids!!

I wish you the best of luck, and if you need any help with writing up the auction, let me know!!


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OOO i made mistakes hell ya and I will never make myself to be perfect but at the same time i am just real sick of being the nice guy who gets walked on in the process.



Wanna play?
The_Human_Pin said:
OOO i made mistakes hell ya and I will never make myself to be perfect but at the same time i am just real sick of being the nice guy who gets walked on in the process.

Yeah, being human really sucks at times!!! Do what feels right, and let us know how everything goes!


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I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you.

I can relate to some degree as my first husband called me at work as I was on the way to visit by sister in the hospital who was dying of cancer, to inform me that he had left me and moved out.

When I got home, the apt was half bare as he had removed everything of his.

My advice to you is to do what you can live with but don't let yourself be taken advantage of for having a kind heart.

I would say pack up the stuff left and have a great auction with it.

You deserve that much. :)


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Wow Pin . Sorry to here this I hope all works out well for you .I have been In the sane boat Its hard but you must remember life does go on .I wish you well


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Pin I just saw this thread. VERY sorry for all your troubles :( (troubles = all the BS, crap, sheet) Sending hugs for the heartbreak and the "let's be friends" AKKKKK!

Hope everything turns out ok for you. Agree with Angel....if it means anything....do what you feel works for YOU!


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Ok I also think this sucks and was there no explaination? I mean come on, if you have been in a relationship like this for that long you SHOULD have an explaination! You can't just say........I want to break up without there being a reason!!?? So my first thought when I was reading all this was there was someone else. Do you know if there was? That in my book is a TOTAL no no!

I agree with everyone else, she's had plenty of time and you have been overly nice.....I would ask her nicely one more time to come get her stuff within a week and if she does not........sell it! Just remember though, if you do this, the dividing up of the stuff that is in both your names is gonna get ugly.

If I were you, in the future I'd refrain from putting anything in someone elses name. You just simply never know what is going to happen in the future.

Sorry you had to go through this and I do hope things get better!