Advice needed

currently i try to upgrade my Window XP Home Edition to Window XP Professional Service Pack 2 in the C: drive which is only 5 Gb while my other partition (D: drive) is of 15 Gb.

Since the size of my C: drive is not sufficient to support so-many softwares available nowadays, i decide to delete the D: drive partition so as to re-create the hard disk into 2 partitions, with 10 Gb each.

To my dismay, both partitions (C: and D: drive) cannot be deleted during the hard disk formatting. Hereby I would like to seek some advices from the members of this forum towards this matter.

Your advice is highly appreciated.
Thank you.


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before you delete windows try this program called partition magic, it will simply let you resize the partitions without having to reinstall windows or anything.

Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 - Symantec Home & Home Office Store - Product Information

but if you don't want to do that then yeah re-install windows.

But if I were you then I'd make just one partition, you have such a small hard drive it'd be better used as just one hard drive.;)


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That's not his problem. I'll bet he's trying to delete the partitions from running the setup file while Windows is running.

Burn the Windows setup to a cd, boot to the CD, and then delete all partitions.