Advice in the bedroom department?


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Just shouting out for a bit of help here! :rolleyes:
Yes this involves the bedroom department and the physical things that go on on the inside...
I just seem to be struggling at the moment with my boyfriend and our sexlife because when I actually want to get that sort of thing happening I really don't know how to go about it... I have always waited until he makes the first move cause then I know it is the right time to do things... I don't want to be like that anymore... I have already tried talking to him about this and he just says turn me on but it is not as easy as that... I am always pulling out the tricks to get things moving but when I do he just doesn't seem interested and then I am wondering what is wrong? :confused:
I know sex isn't everything and I love the guy to bits!!! But it would be nice, from all the things I do for him or whatever to get something back in return... The past couple of times I have worked him up it hasn't really gone anywhere and I don't seem to receive as much as I was hoping and I am just left stranded... I wouldn't mind but he is always saying to his mates that he has a girlfriend and hinting that he is getting some (not in a nasty way just how guys do with other guys) just because they don't seem to be doing things in the right way meaning attitudes towards things or whatever but when I am offering it to him on a plate he just doesn't take it. Or he says yea we'll do this tonight and it just doesn't seem to happen which I have come to expect now... :sigh:
I just don't know what to do!! Help?
Any kind of advice would be appreciated at this present moment :)


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You need to try harder with talking to him. Don't let him brush you off. Make him listen because obviously it's bothering you a lot. Talking and sharing your feelings is an important part of a relationship and I'm sure if you were serious enough he'd listen.
It might be that he wants to be the dominant one, but he also needs to acknowledge your feelings.

There's two people in your relationship so make sure he knows this.


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Bliss is right, you really do need to try talking to him again to make sure he understands what is bothering you and why it bothers you. Chances are that whatever is holding him back has nothing to do with the bedroom. It could be something as simple as daily stress getting to him, but the only way to find out is through communication.

Oh, and pomegranate juice could help too :D


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It's probably not just an issue about sex. Put your foot down hard and let him know.
Don't just keep giving and waiting to receive, in any aspect.
Ehff. I know what turns me on - anything from eating something sweet together, to finding her head on my shoulder, after coming from the shower, maybe. But if small things don't work, you could go about it the more elaborate way and set it up for receiving a full workover. Nothing turns on a guy, I think, more than a girl who can really enjoy herself - and you shouldn't be afraid of being a bit egotistical if you're having trouble getting into the mood. Trust me on this one, if you guide him, forcing him to for example just use his hands - having him give you an orgasm (or just attention) while thinking only about you, it will make it easier to let go afterwards. There's something called a yoni massage. Read about it - you'll get the idea.