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My friend told me yesterday he broke up with his ex of 4 months.[ he's 23 she's 19]
He told me they started dating in November while she was in a relationship with someone else. My friend thought they had broken up until he found out they hadn't. In December she and her ex broke up, finally. My friend was disappointed in her for not telling the truth about her past on-going relationship.
Anyway, he forgave her and they went on together. She always told my friend she loved him and that she'd never find someone else like him. On the other hand, one of her "best" friends starting hitting on my friend... and she was making the impossible to break these 2 up. Her friend was trying to make her feel bad about cheating on her ex with my friend. So before last night she called my friend telling him that she made a mistake being with him, that she shouldn't have cheated on her ex and was confused about this relationship. They fought really bad with words ... like they never had before....also ..she started acting bitchy.
My friend got furious and told her to talk to her ex and understand what she might be feeling about him, that she should clarify things in her mind and then let him know about her final decision.
So it's been 2 nights he's been waiting for her call, and he's thinking of calling her tonight if she doesn't call, to tell her that he misses her.

I told him she wasn't really worth it. He described me the category of man she's been with in the previous relationship. He wasn't even in my friend's I told him to give up from her because if she's being confused, it means she doesn't fully appreciate my friend and that she doesn't deserve him.
I know she may feel truly sorry for what she did to her ex, but IF that's the ONLY reason for this shitty situation, then she should just apologize to her ex while there is no need to cause such drama and hurt my friend like that.
Also, just like she cheated on her ex, she could cheat on my friend.
Plus, I told him to not call her /text her [not yet] because she should not be influenced by those messages. I think she needs to stay and think alone without having him or anyone else "forcing" her to take a decision if she doesn't feel it.
Also, she knows my friend loves her and she's getting spoiled by this situation because she knows he'll always be there for her... [unless it's too late].

Maybe I'm wrong, but do you have anything to add? What should I tell him more?
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She's keeping your friend as a backup atm. that's how i see it. Tell your friend to just forget her, and stop waiting for her to make a decicion. She's looking into if her ex want's her back and if she dosnt she will take the 2nd best(your friend). And your friend deserves better than that.

That's atleast how i see it


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maybe she doesn't know what she wants? Okay, you say she's 19, and he's 23? She's probably thought, hey, he's an older guy, this will look really cool for me, and has now decided that it's not all that it's cracked up to be.


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You've told him all you can, Elly. I think you're going to have to leave him to make his own mind up and just continue to support him. You gave him some good advice and hopefully he'll take it.


Ok. an update for you who replied :)
He just called me to say they broke up. He ended the relationship telling her that she can't play with him and that he hasn't been living his life fully just because he's been giving his time to her and at the end she hasn't respected him like he dissevered to.
He told me he was talking frankly and that he was feeling relieved.

I'm just glad he feels better and that he took the right decision IN TIME.


He just told me he got to know something else today.
She didn't break permanently from her ex, she had just gotten a period of pause...[in the time she was dating my friend].
He also got to know that she cheated on her ex with another previous boyfriend and was close to cheating my friend with the same previous boyfriend.

I was like "wow".


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wow, this girl seems like a really great person to go out with.... joke...

really seems like a bit of a slut

looks like you friend made a lucky escape


She actually is a slut.

Yesterday he told me something else.

He also got to know that she cheated on her ex with another previous boyfriend and was close to cheating my friend with the same previous boyfriend.
Before all these, she had also been in a hotel with the cousin of this previous boyfriend...while in a relationship with her ex.