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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Syndicate, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Syndicate

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    I must confess, I'm becoming increasingly agitated by adverts and product placement as time goes on. I never used to notice it but since I left the state of zombieness (or 'bliss', as I now see it), I notice it everywhere and it drives me nuts. The film industry is possibly the worst culprit. Thirty minutes of adverts before the film and then countless more scattered in among the film itself. A poster on the side of public transport has become a flashing, electronic screen. I see adverts in video games now. Our letterbox is being stuffed by pamphlets every day. Even with extensions, the Internet is littered with unrelated marketing. I've given up avoiding it. Everyone wants to promote their product and every bit of space around me seems to be eaten up in the process.

    Is this the case where you live and in your activities? If so, do you manage to dismiss or filter it without sweat or do you share my frustration at the swamp of advertising? [Forgot the Blueyes option :)]: Or is there no problem in the first place?
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  2. Blueyes

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    I must either be overlooking it or just don't notice it as much as you because I don't think there is anymore advertising going on that what has already been out there down here at least. I mean for movies, you get a slide show about facts on actors. Then the trailers and then the movie. Had the movie not put in products like Coke, etc, they would be short money on making the films because those products actually pay to get put in there and be seen just like for commercials.
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  3. Bliss

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    Well I agree with you, Synd. When we were at the cinema yesterday we saw about 6 adverts for alcohol alone. The film was a 15 I believe, so why advertise alcohol to an audience of people below 18 (or 21 in some cases)?
    We do keep getting leaflets through the door on a daily basis and it becomes very annoying. I don't even read them.
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  4. agphoenix

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    I think it also depends on which part of the world you're in. In the U.S., blatant and in-your-face advertising is not just abundant, but from a business point of view absolutely crucial. I got so desensitized to it I stopped noticing it, which is ironic considering that's the point really!

    Here, advertising is almost non-existent. So yeah, I dismissed it in the U.S. because it became natural. And I don't have to think about it at all here.

    Ooh...I forgot telemarketers.
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  5. Merc

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    Advertising is getting quite painful to deal with these days and it would be nice to have it toned down, but a lot of companies rely on advertising to get money, especially new ones.
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  6. Major

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    Advertising has gotten out of hand. Unfortunately there's a lot of money to be made, so it'll only keep getting worse. Sad.
  7. Merc

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    I hate that video games are getting advertisements in game. I mean, it's understandable if you're playing something like GTA where you expect to see signs and billboards, but can you imagine ads in a game like Warcraft? That's idiotic, it takes away from the game.
  8. Major

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    Yeah, they put them in a lot of sports games now. The Pontiac Game Changing Performance. Shit like that.

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