Advertising On Gorgeous ***male*** Body???


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Spunkie1283 said:
LMAO! Now all you need is the "Im to sexy" song in the background. :hah:
Well, if you wanna add a little "spice" to the auction, I found that that does image hosting & auction templates also has songs you can add as well. It's just the music, no words. Quite a long list of songs. And one of the songs is...yep, you guessed it..."I'm Too Sexy" :lol:


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djebay said:
*dances around the room in a towel*
I'm too sexy for my clothes for my clothes all you AS ladies know.
ok thats about all I can do for the rightset fred stuff....

19 watchers..... slowly moving on up........

*drops towel and runs fastttttttttttttttttttttt*
(Snaps a towel at the rear)


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I'm watching too you big ol stud you :D

I too think it's very sweet of you to do this! You have time yet....could get very big yet!

BTW my brother had to wear those shoes with the bar (without all the xtra stuff you had to go thru! Yikes! A lot for a little tiny kid. Sorry :( ) I always wanted to pick him up like a purse when he was wearing them. I was naughty back then. (see I admitted to being naughty)! GOOD LUCK!

a big ROFLMAO on the background music! You really should find a way to add it to your auction! :lol:


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Alright... I'm going to look!! I won't be disappointed will I?? This is just becoming a very exciting day! :lol: :lol: