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Adventurer found dead in less than a month


Free Spirit
Staff member
A man found dead in a remote mountain hut was an adventurer who had planned a year-long Bear Grylls-style survival challenge in the Scottish wilderness. Read More Here
A lot of us dream of doing things out of the ordinary but this guy decided to fulfill his. He wanted to be like Bear Grylls and it took his life. How many of us could survive the wilderness with no outside help? I don't think I could and I don't think I would have the guts to try. I wish his family well.


Sally Twit
Well at least he went out doing something he enjoyed. How many people can we say that about really?
It's very sad and tragic but at least he was living his life the way he wanted.
poor echoes :( JK he would probably survive.

I wonder if the guy knew he was gonna die of something and decided before he went he wanted to live off the grid or if he had some sort of mental illness that made him think the trees spoke to him or something. anyways it is sad and i pray for his family.