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Awesome Adventure Time for Crouton!


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Hey, Soph, I thought you'd want to know about this:

Adventure Time Creator Dishes on the Season One DVD.

The more I read about this series, and the more I see of its gorgeous artwork, the more I just want to buy this sight unseen. I remember you tellling me not to bother watching it out of order, so this might be the way for me to get it!
And the packaging looks really nice too!
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I actually did already read about that. Good thing too! I was so sick of all those stupid DVD's that were released with only a handful of episodes on each one. I would like to buy this, although I have a lot of expenses right now and will have to put a hold on shopping for personal items for a while.


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Well, it looks like it'll be releasing in the US today. It's at a reasonable price from a particular site too. Just over twenty-five dollars. Hmmm... yeah, I'll think about getting that...