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Sony Advent Children Game?


AKA Ass-Bandit

"Seems Square-Enix and Twisted Corp have launched Final Fantasy VII: Advent children in Europe as a silent launch! They havn't done such a thing since FF4.. whats going on Square - Enix!

Across the nation, reports have stated that the game can be found for sale on certain game retailers shelves. We certainly didnt see this one coming. Rest assured though, just as soon as we've got it fired up we'll get you some screens and initial reports.

Heres a pic we took today just before grabbing the Gamerscommunity copy:

Why is there no information is on the net? and just who the hell are Twisted corp?

Very intresting but strange.

Anyways we first thought it could be a promo copy, unlikely, as we've heard of several locations selling the game. It's more than likely to be a silent launch. Which in this day and age is unprecedented."

In my opinion, this is an april fools. Why? To me it just seems obvious.

The date this was posted is 31st of March, this year. To me news like this is a bit too obvious to not be fake.

If there was a release, plenty of people probably would have seen it. Some of those people probably have net connection. Some of those with net connections could be members of game communitys. They would have probably said about it. People who saw this info would have said about it on other forums. Those people would go to other forums. This info would spread. The forums that they were on would probably be found by Google. Long story short - there would be some info on this spreading around the net.

I also point out the Miss Dynamite 2005 incident, where the author of Miss Dynamite pretended that his website was Cracked by a group because of a flash he recently made, which contained a boy shooting some woman.

Despite this though, it is also slightly possible that this info is true.

But anyway, what are your thoughts on this?


l 7SIN Sasori l
It is fake. You can tell by looking at the "Playstation2" image on top of the Advent Box and then looking at the others. The FFAC box art is smaller. They wouldn't change it all of a sudden.

Plus, I think they would have done a better job on the cover of the game. To me, if it looks like that, well then it's going to make me mad.

Great Job to whoever made and printed that up though. They did an almost good job. Just needed to make the Playstation Font a bit bigger.


I think that's just someone trying to start a rumor. That image looks like it was added. At least someone tried to put a lot of effort in it.


Likes snow
Nice reflection for an added image. It'd be easier to just make a fake box, put it there, and take a picture.


l 7SIN Sasori l
I think they did make a fake box and put it there. Unless they took the time to put a reflection onto the Metal shelf as well. You can see the colors reflected off of it.

I think it's just a fake box, not an added image.