Advancing into Adulthood


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Why is that that Americans (or most people these days) try to hold on to adolescence, and prolong adulthood? In other regions etc, at the first signs of maturity, they immediately put then into adulthood via trial etc. Doing this confuses the kids and the parents.

I know this is a bad example, but I'll use it anyways. We all know that boys can start to "reproduce" around the age of 12, so why can't they at 12, why wait so long until society says so? I know that's a loaded questions and there's the whole argument with it, but just look at it without considering that.


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Well, childhood is considered as a time of innocence and little worries. It's only natural to want to hold onto that.

We also fear our children growing into adulthood and how quick they get there.


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Adolescence is a time of being able to have fun while not being responsible yet? I'd say that's pretty appealing.Who wants to go from a squeaky voiced kid to raising a family?


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It's a time when learning and such are able to be done without a harsh eye on everything, especially childhood. When I was in 5th grade during the 2000 elections, people applauded me for thinking and knowning about the political situation. Now seven years later I get a lot of stares for even thinking about politics, period. The shifting attitutes on various subjects as one moves from childhood to adolecense to adulthood is scary and difficult, thus people want to be free for as long as possible (which is why college is as much about the parties and the activites as it is getting education that would benefit your future aspirations).

Yeah, the age of 12 thing is culturally sometimes a good analogy, but in terms of trends it is not. While young teenagers are able to reproduce, they do so quite seldomly, and teen pregnancy rates have generally been falling (with some unpleasent exceptions). Society today is about adolecense, education, careers, marriage, and family in many cases, with the last one coming increasingly in the 30's of a persons' life.

In esscense, it's a variance. It's not about countries or regions, it's about embedded cultures unique to each family. Several of my Jewish friends were given a very large amount of responsibility after their bar mitzvah, and some other friends have been entrusted with similar obligations at a comparable age to myself. Other parents have ideologies of protecting their kids until a certain time. I don't happen to think either is right, as long as the parameters of adolescense and adulthood are clearly understood to be a certain time or responsibility threshold.
So far as I understand the human brain isn't fully grown & fully able to make independent decisions until it is around 20 .. this is how come we subconsciously treat people over 20 like adults & under like folks who aren't quite fully grown yet ..

In past tribal times .. reproduction & resource procurement was a group effort .. thus younger individuals would take part as soon as they were physically able because they were bolstered by the tribe .. today where we don't bolster each other in this way .. operate in a more isolated manner .. & thus reproduction & resource procurement are better placed on the shoulders of people who are fully grown mentally & can operate independently .. IMo


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Childhood is supposed to be the best times of a persons life. They are supposed to be happy times where your care free , Fun loving and just out to enjoy your life. When your an adult you have a lot of responsibility and you have to be able to look back on certain times in your life and say you learned something from it that helped you out. So if your a 13 year old who has been rich and proper your whole life and you have come to depend on others to do things for you then you won't go far because you don't have any life experience and won't be able to cope with the real world.