TV adult swim


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Anyone watch?

What's your favorite show?

Personally my faves are Frisky Dingo and Tim and Eric


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I used to, when I used to watch TV. Some of the programs are amazingly funny in a weird kind of way.

I liked Assy McGee.



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I love them for keeping anime up despite Cartoon Network trying to get it removed.

Even if they're removed some of the titles I used to enjoy so much like Trigun and Case Closed. I watch Bleach (I haven't seen beyond what they're showing, so I'm watching it on there to see what I haven't seen. lol), FMA, and Code Geass. Usually I've gone to bed before the rest comes on.

Otherwise I'll watch Family Guy, American Dad, and Robot Chicken on there. King of the Hill if I'm really bored. But I don't know how much more of Robot Chicken I can stand. It's just senseless violence and celebrity bashing anymore. (A lot of the celebrity bashing goes right through me since I couldn't care less about celebrities and don't pay any attention to them.)
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