Adrian Peterson


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Alright we've all seen what Peterson as done since entering the league, the man his beast.

I was curious if you guys believe he's the best player in the NFL today? If not who do you think is better then he is?

Now it's hard to judge best players in the league in football because there's so many different positions, but lets try :lol:


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He is the best running back in the league, but I don't know if I'd say he's the best player. He's certainly one of the best, but I can't call him the best player until the Vikings actually go somewhere in the postseason.


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I will say I agree he's passed LT as the best RB in the league, the guy is incredible. But in my opinion Tom Brady is the best player in the league. To me, he runs that offense and dominates a football game better than anyone I've ever seen except for Joe Montana. I think AP can be the best in the league someday, but not quite yet.


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Best player in the league? Eh, kinda hard to gauge. I think the quarterback position is harder and more demanding and therefore that makes Manning or Brady better just because more is asked of them.

But Peterson is 100% the best RB in the league.


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The funny thing about Peterson is that a lot of people didn't want to take a chance on him during his draft class. Not because they thought he wasn't going to be a good NFL running back, but because of his injury past in College. Now I know he's only played a couple of years and the NFL takes a toll especially on running backs, but I believe his injury problems are a thing of the past.


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Of course I gotta say he's the best in the league, haha.. but I do believe you can put him up there and argue him with Tom Brady, Randy Moss, 2nd half of the year Peyton..

People say because the Vikings don't go far he can't be named the best.. but what about Barry Sanders? Arguably the best player during his tenure at Detroit.. and he never won a Super Bowl.. only made it past the 1st round of the playoffs once..

His skills make him the best player in the league.. he is the Vikings offense.. where would they be if they didn't have him? 10-6 in 08'? Not likely.

Favre is just going to make Peterson more dangerous..

Once he runs for 2,000 yards, which I honestly do believe he will sometime in the near future, he will be considered the best player in the NFL.. and if he keeps running like he has been, most likely the best running back to enter the NFL.. as long as no injuries take him out.