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Adopting Laws from Others


aka ginger warlock
I could spend all day online looking into and studying the laws of countries but something BR said made made me think, we were discussing the laws of Driving and the fact he has to take driving lessons three times and after you past your first one you must drive with someone else who has passed for five years.

This is completly alien to me, here in the UK when you pass your test at 17 you are free to drive as much as you want unsupervised. Now I am not arguing this should be taken away but I do wonder if people had to follow the same laws as where BR is they would be less accidents and lower insurance premiums for those under twenty five.

This is just one law in many and to be honest I think the laws we have in the UK are fair and just, despite what a lot of people in the UK seem to think we actually have it very coshy, could it be better? Ofcourse it could. Could it be worse? Oh by god yes and honestly I shudder to think of how bad it could be.

But what are your thoughts?