Adolph Hitler

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After seeing Valkerie last night, I was thinking I need to learn more about Adolph Hitler, and I know I can on wikipedia or other internet sites. But I feel we have a lot of knowledgable members here at General Forum, so I decided to ask you guys.

What can you tell about Hitler in your words, loads of information will be better, but if you only know a bit, then tell me what you know.

I know a bit myself, but not nearly enough.


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Hitler was an eloquent, well mannered and polite man. He was a good public speaker and was nuts.

His favorite rifle was the Mauser 98k. He served in the military in WW1.

These are just a few factoids that come to mind.


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Everyone usually blames Hitler entirely for the holocaust, and while he was an insane man who did hate Jews, unfortunately there was a large anti-semitic and xenophobic sentiment in Germany following world war I which helped fuel his rise to power. Some Germans blamed Jews for the problems following the war.

Also, I would have to say that his biggest mistake during World War II was to attack Russia. Germany had offered an alliance to Russia to help conquer eastern europe, where Russia and Germany would split it up afterwards. However, Germany attacked Russia instead, which essentially lost them the war. They were split up among too many fronts, they suffered heavy casualties in Russia, and once America entered the European front and Britain and Russia were able to rally, his fate was sealed. If he had instead worked with Stalin to conquer Europe, the other allies would not have stood a chance.

Just a couple random historical things about Hitler and his role in World War 2.


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He's sole proof that mankind really has no idea what is wants and is easily manipulated by a powerful speaker.


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Some years ago I visited the Wolfslair(wolfsschanze) in Poland, Hitlers base for most of the war that place was insane(crazy pic), incidently my hotel on the trip was Eva Brauns old house(Ksiezycowy Dworek).

Back on topic, What do I know about Hitler? He was a master puppeteer, he could pull the strings on society in an astonishing way. He played the media source of the time with great orchestration.

I think he was megloamoniac who got caught up in his own snowball to a certain extent. He was not a military genius, to declare war on the Soviets and then declaring war on the USA was not the smartest of moves. He was however politically savvy and he often knew his opponents moves before he made his, not that his moves were legitamate or clever by any means, he used his power, bulster and intimidation to get what he wanted.

I think he lost himself in his own fantasy, he truly believed that the German people were unbeatable and because of that they were beaten, he was over confident in what was possible and stretched his resources to thin.
He had a funny mustache, invaded Poland to single-handedly start WWII in Europe, launched a blitzkrieg and subsequently tried to conquer all of Europe, which thankfully he didn't do.

Oh and he also believed in the Aryan way.


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My evaluation of Adolph Hitler

Adolph hitler was a bastard child product of Eastern Austria. In his early life, he was a failure. He went from job to job until he settled on being a post carrier in the german army when he enlisted in 1914. He spent all 4 years of war in service until he was SNIPED, and wounded ( the funny thing is, a friend standing behind him was killed instead of him). His 10th grade history teacher inspired anti Semitism and put the idea in his head the the germas where a master race. But, If he didn't meet a jackass history teache, he would have been a pretty average guy. He had a massive superiority complex over everybody around him, and an insatiable, patriotic thirst for power, and he appointed only people close to him to positions that involved being close to him. He was also massively paranoid, using sparatic methods to transport himself and random paths of travel.

He was a heavy anti-semite, very power hungry, had a massive superiority complex, and extremely paranoid. He was a rather fucked up dude


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A sensitive guy, the kind that are either a blessing to the world or a scourge. Gets no love from his father, while his caring mother dies too young. Not much of a success at school, shy and apprehensive among others and most of all among girls. Seeks refuge in his daydreams. Gets rejected by an art institute, spends time on the streets as an absolute nobody. Learns to hate the establishment.
Then enlists in the army, has a good time with comradeship and higher ideals. In 1918 the war is lost, all of a sudden, due to communist uprisings at home. Not willing to return to his life of failure, he sticks to his comrades and plans the overthrowing of the republic. Ends up in jail for a 'putsch', has plenty of time to think things over and writes 'Mein Kampf'.
At a meeting he holds a speech and is greeted with much approval by the 'high' citizens... for the first time in his life. Finally having found his special ability that would bridge the gap between himself and those he looked up to (and despised at the same time), he chose for a career in politics as a means to finally get his revenge on the world. And from there on we know the story.
The cultus of the Führer probably had its most fervent follower in himself. When the world around him collapsed and the war was lost he held on to his fantasy, escaping in dreams of eternal greatness to avoid facing his evident failure and the nearing end. The well-being of the german people was never his concern, he wanted approval, admiration for himself. Thus when he know he was lost he took not only his own life but the whole Reich and its Volk as well down with him.


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Disclaimer: I do not support Hitler or any of the atrocities that he and the Nazis committed, with that, I present these facts and opinions.

Hitler was actually Austrian, not German. He didn't apply himself in school because of his father. Hitler wanted to be an artist but his skills weren't good enough to get into school in Venice. He placed part of the blame of his mother's death on a Jewish doctor.

Hitler served bravely in WW1. Most carriers didn't live long and he was decorated for his bravery and for being wounded. Hitler had great pride for Germany. Which helped fuel his desire to rebuild the country after WW1.

He was arrested for an attempted coup in the 30's before he was able to rally enough support to be voted Chancellor (I don't feel like going into complete details here). Once in power, he was able to rally the country behind him.

Hitler gets blamed for a lot of things that Germany did. Even though he was the dictator, a lot of it was directed by his subordinates, mainly a man named Himmler.

As we look back, we say that Hitler, Himmler, and the other Nazis were evil. They were the villians. But for just a moment, think of it from their perspective. Germany was defeated in WW1 and had been reduced to a shell of a country.

They had enough patriotism to rise up against the government and rebuild Germany and damn near took over half the world doing it. They saw themselves as saviors of their country, as patriots. I'm not saying that what they did was right, but that they didn't see themselves as the bad guys the rest of the world viewed them as.

As the war came closer and closer to the end, Hitler became more paranoid and delusional. He was pretty much losing his mind as the war concluded.


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People forget that WWII was solely about Hitler...there were many men in the Nazi Party, and thats what they were a political party not an army as some people think, that contributed to the attrocities of WWII.

Namely one Joseph Goebbels, who was the propaganda minister at the time, and a very smart man. He played on peoples fears and insecurities to sway the minds of the public...he used propaganda to strike hatred in the hearts of everyday germans against Jews and the west...

Another master of propaganda was Leni Reifenstahl, Hitler's personal film maker, who was a dancer, turned actress turned film maker who made the historical film "Triumph of the Will", which was one of the most blatent pieces of propaganda in history which she herself claimed was not...
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