Adolf Hitler Signs Mount Vernon Statment


Son of Liberty
But so did Joe Dufus.... Now the Conservatives are pissed and pulled the "virtual" sign in sheet after the public found out about the Fake Signatures on it :hah:

According to the article, searches on the Mount Vernon Statement skyrocketed to 1,513%. See here:

The Mount Vernon Statement, a document dedicated to the idea of a limited government, is causing a slew of Web searches and drawing thousands of signatures. Unfortunately for the statement's conservative supporters, not all the signatures are real.

Backed by political conservatives, the Mount Vernon Statement was intended to invoke the tenets of America's Founding Fathers. Named after the home of George Washington and hosted on a website "designed to look like parchment," the statement begins, "We recommit ourselves to the ideas of the American Founding." Folks could sign the document online, and many did. Including a fake Adolf Hitler.

In a move that surely annoyed the document's organizers and supporters, a prankster accessed the Mount Vernon Statement's site and signed the document with the moniker "Adolph Hitler." According to the Christian Science Monitor, the name of history's most infamous criminal appeared as the document's first signer "for a time." Also lending his esteemed and highly sought signature to the document: "Joe Dufus."

The breach inspired organizers to yank down the site's virtual signing feature. It also inspired a massive number of Web searches. One-day lookups on "mount vernon statement" surged over 1,513%. Related lookups on "sign the mount vernon statement" and "mount vernon manifesto" also posted huge gains. And, of course, queries on "mount vernon statement prank" and "mount vernon fake hitler" roared as well.

Still, just as the real signatures far outweigh the fake ones, the supporting searches trumped those looking for the scoop on the joke. Thousands of legit supporters have signed the document, perhaps motivated by the annual Conservative Political Action Conference that's happening in Washington, D.C.

ABC News reports that 10,000 revelers are expected to attend. One of the event's highlights: a 2012 presidential straw poll that asks, "Who would you vote for as the next Republican nominee for president?" Options include Search favorites like Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney, as well as lesser-known politicians and everyone's favorite dark-horse candidate, "other."

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It always cracks me up to see people signing online things like this with fake, yet funny Pseudonyms. You just gotta remember, no matter what your cause is or how important it is.... the internet is still the internet :hah: