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Adolf Hitler Freakout Videos


Well-Known Member
So I just recently discovered this video series that's to say the least quite funny.

Let's see what you guys think of this. There's hundreds of these things online.

Here are some of my personal favorites.

Hitler's March Madness team loses
YouTube - Hitler finds out KU lost to UNI in the 2010 NCAA tournament

Hitler Gets Rick Rolled
YouTube - Hitler gets Rick Rolled


Originally I only thought that it was the march madness video which I think is probably the most well done.


Registered Member
I love these vidoes. I know there's a bunch more but the March Madness one was always my favorite.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I love these so much, they're so damn entertaining. The March Madness(the first one posted in this thread) is by far my favorite lol. I couldn't stop laughing the first time I saw them.


Registered Member
Hahahaha!! Yeah man I found a bunch of this videos on YT in spanish, didnt know the are in english too. Pretty interesting, gonna watch em!!