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Everyone's been a teenager. Were you ever sick of random teenage mood swings?
For example, (assuming you're a teenager) you're sitting on a bench that's overviews a nice pasture. And somehow you think about stuff that make you really pessimistic, nostalgic, sad, happy, etc.


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Like.. you're just sitting there, happier then a mother fucker..

and you see one person walk by and start thinking stuff like "What the fucks that person have to be happy about."

Yeah, it's happened.


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I have had a few random mood swings, but I don't really have them that much anymore.


Sally Twit
Oh I've had many a mood swing. I'm surprised my dad even wants to be in the same room as me anymore. I used to take my moods out on him all the time. He never did anything wrong and I'd just yell at him for no reason.
I always felt bad afterwards but never seemed to stop doing it until I turned 20.
I don't get mood swings at all really.

I go through happy and sad 'phases', well thats what I call them anyway, because each one usually lasts about a week. I'm not sure whats up with that, it doesn't change my mood in terms of how I am with people, it just gives me a really overly pessimistic/optimistic outlook on life depending which 'phase' I'm in. And I can sometimes tell when a bad phase is coming on. I havn't had one for about 3 weeks now. :)
I can't say I've had any mood swings. Maybe I just haven't noticed.
Same here. I don't get random mood swings. Something has to happen for me to be happy or depressed.

Though I did go through a rough period where I just didn't care about anything. My primary thought was that it's all good when I'm alive and healthy. A few good conversations with the school counselor helped a lot and I dropped the course at the moment to free up some time.